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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Huge Update With Pictures! 7-25 through 9-4

Elder Haggarton is doing wonderful! Here is an overview of his letters and emails starting where we left off in the last post:

Email 7/25/2011-
Elder Haggarton is talking about how much he misses Arizona. Even the heat. He says that people in Washington are complaining of the 75ยบ weather being too hot! He talks about having patience with companions and how his brother Michael's advice about that is right on. He sounds like he is handling everything really well and said nothing too exciting has happened that week.

 Letter 7/28/2011- 
Elder Haggarton talks about the struggle of feeling the spirit to do something and working with your companion and trying to help him understand that you feel a certain way about something and feel the need to do something. The thing that is very discouraging to him is when people approach them with comments about anti mormonism and are very negative towards them about what they are doing. He knows that is satan but it definitely drives the spirit away he says. He talks about how he is getting more confident with talking to people and letting the spirit guide him. He saw a man walking toward them and didn't think that he would talk to him but when the man got within range, Elder Haggarton just started talking and he described his words as coming out "bold". He said another man who was super tall, shirtless, darker skinned, and pony tail was talking to them. He was telling the Elders that he was looking for Jesus and  Elder Haggarton said, "Hey well we are the guys to talk to because this is his church." He said he didn't even skip a beat and that the guy actually took a book of mormon and their information. He says that they live on a casino road and the death rate is one per week. He said there is a lot of fat people and cats. Funny! "But it's good missionary work." 
Email 8/8/2011-
Every time he gets rejected he says D&C 68:8-9 in his head for comfort. He especially loves verse 9. "I am trying harder and harder to be more like Christ and to think and do the things he would say. " " I can definitely feel the Spirit work every day. The lord will help if we have faith and do our part. The gospel works."  He got a transfer call and is anxious to be transfered
Email 8/15/2011-
Elder Haggarton got transfered to the Arlington 3rd ward in Arlington! He said it's kind of like Queen Creek, AZ in a way. He said his new companion is just like him and is actually good friends with one of his friends in Utah (Where his comp is from). They had been working in a giant megaplex of homes called Gleneagle. He said the district he is in now couldn't get any cooler. They have a baptism lined up in a few weeks and they are really excited for it.
Email 8/22/2011-
He says they have 2&1/2 people on date for baptism. Haha! The 1/2 is because one of the people is moving and the missionaries there are going to get that one. The work is moving slow sometimes but he is still enjoying his mission and loves the weather!
Email 8/28/2011-
Elder L. Tom Perry came and spoke to Elder Haggarton in his mission conference! He says how wonderful it was and "I was the second missionary to shake his hand because I was in the front row." HAHA. And he ends that story by saying that there is the most beautiful soccer field there so he needs his cleats. HAHA again. 
Email 9/4/2011-
Elder Haggarton finally got to play soccer the other day. He played with his District Leader and had lots of fun. They are hardly getting fed by the members but and they are having to be creative on how to feed themselves! 
My favorite saying Elder Haggarton has said so far is at the bottom of this post. Enjoy the pictures! 

"I love this mission and I'm so excited about the knowledge I'm gaining. Nothing is more important to me right now than trying to be like Christ in teaching by example. I dont even care I was called to a so so mission. I'm just happy that its changing my life."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Update on Elder Haggarton Before First Transfer

Elder Haggarton is doing wonderful! He is super busy and enjoying the work. He said the members are still feeding them every night and are so nice. He is getting used to being "stared at". He said they went out to eat at Famous Dave's and everyone was staring but someone anonymous paid for their meals! How nice, he was very grateful. He said, "That's how we get blessings from doing the work". 
How true! 
Here is how he summed up his busy week, "We ordained a teacher, gave our testimonies in relief society, confirmed our most recent baptism, and talked in sacrament meeting. And we have a baptism this Sunday. SO busy. Its good for me though."

We are very proud and so glad he is doing so well!
Our family continues to write Elder Haggarton and once a month, when we all get together for our family dinner, we contribute letters, goodies, & other things he wants/needs to a package for him. He deserves it ;)

If anyone would like to send him a letter or email, his contact info is on the side bar so feel free. He would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First area, Companion, & Baptisms

In Elder Haggarton's email today, he said that he is so blessed to be in the area he is in, first. Although he failed to mention where that is exactly so we will have to get that info later :) The people are so nice and he said he has dinner appt's every night. His companion he said was the starting wide receiver for Mississippi State and he is encouraging Elder Haggarton to work out every day! This should be interesting to see meat on those bones!

He was telling us that he has 3 baptisms coming up and he will be performing the ordinance. He will also be confirming a girl who got baptized and he is nervous but we know he will do great. It sounds like he is doing well.

Thank you for all your support and prayers! He is a great missionary and we are so proud of him!

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Pictures From Elder Haggarton

 Elder Jenkins and I

On our way to the temple - Elder Barrett, Elder Famas, Elder Jones & me (Guys from the new district)
 my haircut

Fun stuff! We sure miss the guy but are happy for him and excited to start his work in Washington now! He said he has an awesome companion and that he is kind of in the "ghetto" and it's awesome! More details to come :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

First set of Pictures!!! YAY!

We have heard from Elder Haggarton through a few emails and letters and now he finally sent some pictures. Here they are!

 Elder Petersen, Elder Haggarton, Elder Sloop, Elder Dalton
 Using my time wisely : )
 Elder Williams & Elder Haggarton (companions)

 Elder Jones & I preachin' that gospel
 Elder Petersen (from QC) it's snowing, so you can't see too well.

District 21 C

Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Letter Home


Well, the first day was....weird. Soooo many different emotions and experiences. Soo many things thrown at me. Such sad feelings about leaving, but good feelings as I experienced the spirit of being together with kids my age who are worthy and in my same situation.

My companion is Elder Williams, who is from North Carolina and is a really cool guy. He is on the more knowledgeable side of the gospel, but we are both on the same page as far as mission goals.It is also awesome to know that the guys I'm staying with are the guys going to the same mission and I. We are all in this together.

I feel so cool and official now that I have my name tag. Every one is awesome who is in the same floor or zone. There's this kid who walked into our room when we were unpacking and did a flawless impression of Jack Sparrow. It made me laugh so hard.

I can already tell that this experience in the MTC is going to be the best one of my life. I know that if I keep obeying the rules that I will turn out a perfect missionary. I love and miss you all already.

-Elder Josh Haggarton

Thursday, April 28, 2011

MTC Drop off

 Josh, in the hotel room, getting ready to head to the MTC!
 Saying bye to dad!
 Hardest one, saying bye to mom!
 Looks like he is in good hands!
Onward, ever onward......

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Elder Haggarton and his parents left for Utah and stopped at the Grand Canyon and the Wupatki Native American Ruins on their way. 
Walking on the side of the canyon.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ready To Go...

Josh will officially be set apart as a missionary tonight! He leaves for Utah tomorrow morning and reports to the MTC on Wednesday the 27th!

He is ready to serve!